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Jireh News

Jireh News
Its All About Giving
Scarlet Young Mothers Programme is a division at Jireh Community Projects which focuses on supporting young mothers as well as creating awareness through early intervention as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies amongst the youth. We visit malls, clinics, hospitals, youth groups and speak about respecting oneself.
Get your aim right!
Sons of Fathers: Having fun one event at a time. Socialising and networking with men from various walks of life in order to create a good support base as well as positive role models for our community.
Jireh Parenting with Purpose
Parenting programmes is a great need in our community, with many parents being young or single, they need all the support they can get. An open advice centre is available to parents involved in our programmes. Parenting with purpose is a mindset that our children will flourish with the correct guidance, helping them to make positive...
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