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Its All About Giving

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Its All About Giving

Scarlet Young Mothers Programme is a division at Jireh Community Projects which focuses on supporting young parents as well as creating awareness through early intervention as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies amongst the youth. We visit malls, clinics, hospitals, youth groups and speak about respecting oneself; we give relationship advice, perform free pregnancy testing and provide professional counselling. We have workshops with these teen moms to improve their self-esteem and prevent them from falling pregnant again, encouraging them to become self-reliant and build a brighter future for themselves and their little one.

We can only do this with the help of other women who share an equal view that support really matters, loving and caring for all matters and hopefully this will have a ripple effect on how we give of our time, how we treat these girls in the streets, how we reach out, and how we can meet a need together.

We need baby supplies for when we go out to hospitals; food parcels as well as monetary donations to help ensure that our project continues. We need to build a support structure, and we cannot do this without your help.


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