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Jireh Parenting with Purpose

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Jireh Parenting with Purpose

The year has started off with a bang as we continue to work with families.

Our main aim at Jireh is to ensure that people live with a purpose. We try to constantly stay up to date and aware of the weaknesses in our community and as an organisation try to be as innovative as possible in our intervention strategies.

Providing support to parents is of utmost importance in building resilient families.

Parents need ongoing support through workshops on relevant topics such as discipline, positive parenting and communication.

Another aspect of our work is coaching and mentorship. We coach and mentor within our communities and surrounding areas, targeting individuals who are at various stages of their personal development paths, who are seeking greater meaning or a way to find a better path for who they are and the life they want to lead, even if they don’t have the answers to these questions. Our purpose is clearly about helping others live with greater purpose, and thankfully, for us, it continues to keep us going, passionately, every day.

Keep checking the website for breaking news and developments, as we continue serving and meeting the needs of the community.


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