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Seniors Programme
In the current climate with focus on young children and youth; the needs of senior citizens have been overlooked. This programme provides a place for seniors to have home visits, educational programmes, health screening and fun recreational activities to enhance the lifestyle of the elderly making them feel appreciated and important.
Sons of Fathers
Life for men is changing, and changing fast. Many men are questioning who they are, where their life is going and how their expectations of life fit with these rapid changes. Sons of Fathers provide men with a down-to-earth way of exploring these issues. Our programme is open, informative and fun and serves to coach and mentor the fathers and sons in the community. The aim is to restore dignity and family values through a series of workshops and social events.
Scarlet Mothers
This programme focuses on teenage mothers who have experienced tremendous hardships through becoming a mother at a young age. The programme equips them with parenting skills and through knowledge building workshops enhances their way of living and instils the values and skills needed in order to become self-reliant. We host talks, workshops, visit clinics and hand out baby essentials at hospitals within the community.
Family Programmes
These programmes focus on the various issues that people in the community face whether young or old...
Child Care
We are all about holistic development of communities this is very evident by our programmes our Model Early Childhood Development Centre provides an environment where children are loved and nurtured by dedicated educators and carers who work with parents to ensure that the children’s intellectual, physical, spiritual and social developmental needs are met.
Contact Details

Physical Address

Jireh Centre

37 Nile Way


Mitchell's Plain


Postal Address

P.O. Box 717



Tel: 021 3712 178

Fax: 021 3715 028

Jireh EDU Care

Tel: 021 3716 371

Fax: 021 3717 649

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