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Who we are

Who we are

Jireh Community Projects was started in October 1989 by James Louw a local Minister in the Mitchell’s Plain area. Today even James is astounded by the social, spiritual and economic impact made by Jireh, even though he believes, “one should never despise the day of small beginnings”.

Jireh has become a major role player in providing quality services and programmes to our community. Jireh exists to empower and uplift poor communities to experience spiritual, social, political and economic freedom through a holistic approach to programmes. The programmes integrates family-centred care principles for e.g. Jireh Educare is a Model school facility, Scarlet a programme for young mothers which forms part our family/parenthood program works in various clinics and anti-natal centres. The Fathers and Sons Programme is one run solely for men, both young and old, the program also serves as a forum and platform where various issues are addressed. A senior’s programme and after-care programmes also form part of our family outreach development programme.

The Jireh Centre provides a warm and welcoming environment to families who are struggling with issues related to poverty. The Centre gives parents access to a wide range of services, offering both recreational and educational opportunities to parents and their children to positively change and improve parent/child relationships.

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